If you have ever doubted the power of music and its importance, the recent pandemic might have made you think otherwise. When everyone is forced to stay indoors, one starts to look for the best way to pass time. Music has not only been a source of entertainment during tough times, but it has also played the part of a counselor and a source of unity.

Artists still find ways to connect with the audience by touching on issues that directly affect them. Different musicians composed and released music to encourage people to be safe and that we were all in the situation together, especially with the pandemic at its peak.

Other than the sentimental bit, music can help one increase productivity. Since people had to work from home, being motivated was not straightforward. Listening to one’s favorite music while working is more than background noise. It can help one stay motivated, reduce anxiety, thus increase productivity.

Music generally improves our mood. It could be because of its connection to dopamine or that today’s music is quite particular in the message it delivers. Whichever the reason, it is always good to know that even if your friends are far away, you can switch on a playlist that reminds you of happy times and immediately feel better about the situation. With mental health issues being at an all-time high, music is a form of therapy most people could enjoy for free at the comfort of their homes.

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