With the digital revolution disrupting the traditional way of interacting with other people, music has benefited immensely from the internet and social media. The most talked-about change is how the internet has made it easy for artists to distribute their creations.

Before the internet, music was sold in records, then cassettes and compact discs. As the internet came along, anyone could buy music online and even download it for free. This has drastically changed how artists earn from their art. Thanks to online platforms, artists can easily connect with their fans and have as many as they can reach globally.

Going further, virtual album premiers and releases is getting popular. This has changed how the consumer interacts with music as well. You can wake up in the morning with one new song and have listened to as many as ten new single releases by the end of the same day. Since artists are creating more to keep up with the quick spread of music, consumers are also trying to keep up with the newest hit.

The digital revolution has also created music stars: who have more power than ever before. Their fans emulate not only how they dress but also what they stand for.

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