The industrial revolution is why we have some of the most complex and sophisticated musical instruments today. Thanks to the new technical resources, composers could write complex music for the new instruments, adding significant style.

One of the most impacted instruments is the piano that had its range increased. With the addition of an iron rod and over-stringing, increasing the piano’s possibility became straightforward. Liszt was among the first beneficiaries of the new model, thus introducing his hallmark of well-repeated notes, featured in virtuosic music.

Sebastian Erard is the name behind the patented piano and harp improvements that contribute to what they are today. The bass also received significant renovation during the industrial revolution. It got additional valves that led to the creation of other instruments such as the trumpet.

The period served as a significant breakthrough in music as it allowed for more instruments’ construction, thus reducing their prices. Music became more accessible and stopped being for just a few people in society. The industrial revolution not only affected how humans economically but it also changed how people enjoyed music.

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